Once in a life time experience adventure is to experience the Ethiopia Downhill mountain riding competition that is enjoyed by many bikers across the world. Started in 1976 in California USA, downhill mountain riding has gradually become a popular competitive sport practiced in different parts of the world. Downhill mountain riding is organized in 16 European and 2 American countries. Despite its enormous wealth of mountains and favorable conditions, the sport is not popularly practiced in Africa. We have taken the initiative of organizing the first downhill mountain riding adventure packages not only in Ethiopia but also all of Africa continent! Equipped with mountain bikes designed for the purpose, body armors and helmets, we organize Downhill Mountain riding adventures for the adventurous tourists.
If you are built for challenges which test your skills and courage to the limit, we have the exclusive packages at your disposal. Our downhill riding adventures are organized in 4 locations in which they are part of the Simien mountains and Limalimo of Ethiopia.
Downhill ride from Buayet Mountain (Altitude 4,430 meters) to Mesha River ( Altitude 2,750 meters) Your tripwill cover a journey of 6-7 hours by car or 3 days trekking to go to Buayet from Gondar. Your first destination will be Chenk camp which is known for its variety of wildlife. After camping the night at Chenek( altitude 3,600m). Your ascent to Buayet begins early morning with a choice of a maximum drive of 30 minutes or 2-3 hours walk.The Peak of Buayet Mountain is 4,430 meters with Mesha River at its base (Altitude 2,750m). This gigantic mountain is the second highest mountain in the country.
After familiarization of the track during this fascinating upward trip, adventure thirsty travelers can enjoy an exceptional downhill ride. The tracks are bumpy and precarious to say the least. Ambitious riders can start their decent to the base of the Mountain with a distance covering about 32 kilometers. This steep Mountain involves twisting and turning tracks making the experience quite a challenge even for the most adept. After this absorbing moment that you will relish you will camp the night at Ambiko after a 1 hour walk.
Downhill ride from Ras Dejen ( Altitude 4,543 meters) to Mesha River ( 2,750 meters) 9-10 hours drive or 4 days trekking from Gondar will get you to Ambiko. After camping the night, a 5 hours climb or 1 hour drive will get you to the peak of the highest mountain in Ethiopia: Ras Dejen. Next to enjoying the unmatchable view from the mountain top you are about to start the most dangerous bicycle decent that not many will venture.
The decent which covers 18 kilometers is not only a challenge for its distance. Ras Dejen is the steepest mountain making controlling your bike near enough to impossible. Making things more hazardous is the bumpy path making your bike jump and down to put your balancing capacity to the test. Your route down involves challenging curves and turns but steep all the way.
Your downhill ride of the highest mountain in Ethiopia will be one to remember for the rest of your life. You will adjourn at Ambiko camp for the night. Downhill ride from Limalimo (Altitude 3,042 meters) to Zarima (Altitude 923 meters) Your riding adventure begins from the town of Debark to your destination of Limalimo. This covers 4 kilometers to the summit of Limalimo that you can use to warm up for the hazardous downhill ride ahead. Built during the Italian occupation in the 1930s, Limalimo is one of the trickiest hill side road connecting the Amhara region to Tigray. The road is precariously built, swirling around the mountain from top to the base. The road is one of the most dangerous in the world and one of the busiest in the country as it is the only route connecting two prominent regions.
The width of this two way road is less than three meters with a rough surface. Extreme care and skills are required from drivers passing from opposite directions to avoid crashing to the bottom of the cliff. Driving speed have to be limited to 30 Km/h as it is difficult to see vehicles coming from the opposite direction due to the extreme twists and turns.
Even The fog which covers the mountain during the rainy season, mornings and evenings are make visibility difficult even from as close as 5 meters. The cumulative factors of all these results in subsequent and often disastrous fatal accident which claim the lives of dozens. The Limalimo provides once in a lifetime experience for thrill seekers. With a bonus of enjoying an exeptional top view from the mountain summit, downhill bike riding in this exceptional location provides a riding experience which covers some 44 kilometers to reach the town of Zarima. After this unforgettable event you will be provided to the option of driving to Gondar or going to Axum.

Our package We organize downhill riding adventures for groups consisting of up to 10 riders at a time. What we provide include: - Making arrangements for the best riding time;

- Provision of the necessary equipments ( bikes, armor and helmets)
- Transportation arrangement to the scene.
- Medical professionals and First aid kits
- Stand by vehicle for emergencies
- Qualified guidance.