Danakil Depression

Danakil Deepertion The Danakil (or Dallol) Deeperecation, which straddles the Eritrean border to the east of the Tigraian highlands, is officially listed as the hottest place on earth, with an average temperature of 34-35c. A lot of this vast and practically unpopulated region lies below sea level, dipping to a frazzled nadior of -116m at Dallol, near like Asale, the lowest spot of terra firma on the Africa continent. One of the direst and most tectonically active areas on the plant, the Danakil is an area of singular geological fascination: a stranger lunar landscape studded with active volcanoes! You will see some of the world's most unique Malodorous Sulphur-caked hot springs, solidified black lava flowers and vast salt encrusted basins. The most substantial volcanic range is the so-called Danakil Alps, whose highest peak, Mount Nabro stands at 2,219m. Nabro lies within Eritrea and is about 8km northeast of Mallahle (1,875m) on the Ethiopia border.